Self-Service User Portal

Use this online portal to access online services provided by TC.

Password Recovery for Existing Users

Complete the form below to generate a password reset request. The reset process generates a time-sensitive password reset link and sends it to your alternative email account.

Need Help?

You need to already have received a TC Account to be able to login to this secure web portal.

Existing Student or Staff Help

Follow this link for password recovery help. If the reset option doesn't work for you, visit I.T Services for help. For security reasons we won't provide your login details over the phone.

New Students Help

All new students will receive their login details via email to your Parent\Guardian's email address provided during enrolment. This will enable you to gain early access to ensure your computer is registered for configuration before the end of the current school year.

If your Parent/Guardian did not receive this email or did not provide an email address during enrolment, please contact I.T Services and provide an email address to have this information re-sent.